"a team with profound industry understanding and technologies know-how"

Hi5 team has experienced the development of vape industry since 2010 from the very beginning of everything. We have an energetic staff of hundreds with profound understanding and technologies know-how, working passionately every day to bring the latest technologies and most innovative products to the adult vapers and smokers worldwide.

"We are looking for partners who share the same vision and goals."

We have come a long way with years of supports from our suppliers, trade partners worldwide. We invite organizations and other entities who align with our mission to join us as partners.

  • 21

    Years In Business

The Story Behind

From Design in Labs to Product in Hands

  • Design Philosophy

    The philosophy guides our product team from the very beginning of every product has always be finding the ultimate balance of aesthetic design and user experience.

  • Precise Engineering

    It's more than just putting parts together. It's coming up with idea, testing principles and perfecting the engineering. In vape industry, precise engineering determine how consistent the experience of each puff is and how perfect the orignal product design is implemented in details.

  • Independent Production

    Our in-house manufacturing capacity enables us the full quality control of each componet coming from suppliers and full inspection of the finished product before going to our clients.

  • Optimal Performance

    Aesthetic design is the very beginning while perfomance is our ultimate pursuit. Hi5 team continue to chase optimal performance througt reasearch, science adn expert engineering.